Friendship Is A Two Way Street

Friendship is always about the trust and care that you do selflessly. It is the most prized possession you can ever have, and if you lose them, you are missing everything out. Good friends are hard to find but don’t take them for granted when you do. It starts with a regular discussion, but you know everything about their lives when you gel up. 

Some people are engaged and give their whole to be with them but do not get the same in return. You have to realize when your friendship takes a toxic turn and move out of it. 

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Let’s see what The Qualities Of A Good Friend Are


You have to trust each other no matter what. It makes you respect each other and build your bond stronger. Trust is always necessary to be deeply connected with someone because this will help you understand each other and grow your friendship bond stronger.

They Always Have Your Back 

No matter what mess you create and what trouble you’re in, they will always have your back. Even if you fall hard, they’ll reach to you and make sure you never fall into that space again. Rationality is one of the best things they offer, and you have to respect their decisions. 

Similar Interests

When you vibe with a person, you certainly have similar tastes in some things. It can be in your perception, music, or anything else that attracts you and give you a best friend for a lifetime. You can be more empathetic in your friendship to understand the deep concerns of each other.

They Actively Listen To You

Whenever you’re ranting things out, they actively listen to you. No judgments will be passed even when they do not have a slight idea of what you’re talking about. Sometimes you need a person who can listen to you without being interrupted. When you have got a friend like this, keep them.

Emotionally Responsive

Good friends are always emotionally available and connect with you deeper. They share all joys of happiness, sadness, and every other emotion you go through. 

Brutally Honest

Even if something offends you, they’ll still be brutally honest to you on your face. Being honest creates more transparency, and you can easily trust each other. Honesty is one of the building blocks of any relationship because, without it, you’ll be forever be doubting your friend, who is unhealthy for your friendship. 

You have to make friends who are in quality and not in quantity. Friendship is a two-way street, and all people should make equal efforts to have a happy and healthy relationship. Good friends don’t leave your side no matter how absurd you’re and how terrible things you do. So, above are some of the qualities that make a friendship. 

We wish nothing but the best to your friends, and may it grow stronger and healthier. It this the best feeling in the world to know that someone out there loves you with all your heart. 

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