How Do You Maintain A Friendship

There is a significant distinction between making friends and maintaining that friendship for the long term. Two friends' bonds also need proper care, love, and time like every other relationship. You need to be loyal, trustworthy, and helpful to your companions. Understanding their bad times, your bad times, and being happier for them on their success are what everyone expects from their best buddy. 

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Maintaining Friendship is not challenging

But some people face challenges in maintaining relationships. If you're having problems keeping friends or are tired of losing a lot of them over time, there are a few lessons we will discuss here. In our life, events come and go. While we may and should accept this at times, it does not have to be the case all of the time, especially when it comes to our closest connections. Today, you will discover how to keep and nurture friendships in their essence.

Staying connected

Staying connected continuously gives life to every relationship. If you want your companionship to last longer, once in a while:

  • Call your friends.
  • Inquire about their well-being and whether or not they have anything exciting going on in their lives.
  • Consider how frequently you see them and how busy they are when deciding when and how often to call. You can call them more regularly if they have a lot of free time and enjoy speaking on the phone.
  • Send them a text to let them know you were thinking about them when you see or experience something that reminds you of them.

Be frank and open towards your friend.

Although it may take some time, you should endeavor to be frank with your pals. You'll constantly have doubt, frustration, and false assumptions if you can't be open with them. So, If you want your friendships to last, you don't want these three things to be present. You can open out to your buddies in two different ways. Allowing oneself to be vulnerable is one way to start. This doesn't mean you should always be as open like a book, but your friends should be able to see you for who you are, both good and bad.

Be open to criticism 

If you are humorous, you can take the relationship longer. Generally, friends pull each other's legs, bully a little bit, and criticize whenever necessary. So, you should be open to taking all these easily. Try to be humorous whenever you are partying or roaming with your friends. Don't take any funny comments too hard. Reply to them with laughter. The more fun, laughter, and humor you mix in your friendship, the longer the bond will go.   

Don't have too many expectations.

Your expectations are in check, and avoid making judgments. Everyone makes mistakes, so it's vital to keep your expectations limited. If a buddy disappoints you, instead of scolding or being upset with them, have an open and honest talk with them. If a friend neglected your birthday, for example, you could respond, "I expected a call from you on my birthday." I'm not angry, but it did bother me.


So friendship is a satisfying relationship, and you should do all possible things to make it last longer. If you are a working professional and hardly get time from your busy lifestyle, you still have to spare your friends. If you are distant, try to Stay in touch with calls or texts. Enjoy the bond of sweetness without letting any bitterness in it.

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