Friendship VS Romantic Relationship

Both of the emotions are based on Love, care, and empathy. It’s up to you how you want to carry your relationship forward. We like friends and a romantic partner to share all the real-life problems. Sometimes your friends turn out to have romantic feelings for you, and it’s you who has to decide what relation you want to improvise on. Your decision will be the crucial factor determining the status of your relationship. 

We also often confuse the two. We think that Friendship Love is Relationship Love because both make us happy, but they are entirely different concepts. 

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Difference Between Friendship And Romantic Relationship

In case you found yourself caught in it, we have gathered some points which mark the Difference between Friendship VS Romantic Relationship

Chill VS Thrill

Friendship Love is chill, and you don’t have to be very concerned about it. Romantic Love is thrilling because you get to experience the ups and downs of any relationship with more adventure in it. However, both require Love and care equally, but you may see yourself comforting differently in both situations. 

Patient VS Aggressive

Friendship Love is comparatively patient because you know everything they did and faced you, but you experience aggression in Romantic Love. It is because you feel the desire to be loved passionately. 

No Boundaries VS Selectiveness

Friendship Love knows no boundaries because it happens spontaneously. It is nothing like you think and then make friends; it’s more of the vibe you matched together. You do not have specific benchmarks set when you make friends, but when it comes to Romantic relationships, you are very much selective. You have set certain expectations and look out for the same. 

No discrimination VS ideals

No discrimination occurs when you make friends and love them without segregating them on any basis. Friends are beyond boundaries, aspirations, and opinions, while Romantic Love has set some ideals according to how you want and behave. If this is not done, you step back or think twice about it. 

No Conditions VS Boundaries

There are no terms and conditions when it comes to friendships. It has solid foundations, and nothing can tear you apart. But, Romantic Love has certain boundaries which are set beforehand. You will have more misunderstandings when you don’t put any, and it will be hard to repair. 

Sparks VS Excitement

There is more spark other than romantic excitement, making it more subtle and joyous. You are just more comfortable around them and explore your life together. But, Romantic Love has its excitement and desires to be fulfilled. The excitement keeps the passion alive, and you feel more content and evolve together. 

Good friends have made it all easy, and romantic Love keeps the spark alive. You need both of them to know what selfless love looks like. Friendship Love is for all, and in Romantically, you’re just involved with one. Both of them grow stronger when there is mutual respect and understanding. It also makes you evolve and experience new things in life.

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