How To Resist Yourself From Social Media

Social Media has affected our lives in ways that we can’t even imagine. We have shifted everything online and have trapped ourselves into this Social Dilemma. With everything that has become online, from connecting friends to making payments, this has eventually started to be a curse and driven us into using it for an undisputedly more extended period. This has become unhealthy to our lives professionally as well as personally. 

So have you figured out how to resist yourself from it? Being addicted affects our mental wellbeing and increases our dependency on social media a lot. You can’t detox yourself from social media overnight, so we have accumulated some tips and tricks for you to have a digital-life balance. 

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Here are some ways you can control yourself from using social media

Turn Off Your Notifications

When you turn off notifications from applications that you use frequently, you can see a change in your use. It won’t disturb you, and your mind will be focused when you see no notifications. Notifications are distractions, and we couldn’t resist not noticing them. When you open applications, you’ll see more notifications, which will be the reward. 

Don’t put your phone nearby when you sleep.

When you do that, you’re constantly in touch with your smartphone and tend to use it frequently. It’s a common phenomenon that people watch things before they go to bed and then scroll for hours, disturbing their sleep cycle. To help you out with this, put your phone in a place where it is unreachable, and you’ll think twice to get up from the bed and check your notifications. 

Delete social media accounts that you no longer use

Sometimes we have the apps installed, and the notifications are ON, which triggers us into watching them even if we don’t use them. This way, you can clean up your phone space and download the required things. 

Limit the time you spend on Social Media

Set a timer or install any app that alarms you overusing social media. Do it in chunks and keep track. 

Digital Detoxification

You don’t have to ban yourself from using social media; instead, just spend time doing something else as picking up a hobby or spending more time with family or friends. 

Treat yourself

It means that you can use social media even if you have done something worthwhile. Maybe you have completed an assignment or working for hours and want to have some break. This way, you can treat yourself with social media use and make sure to track how much time you are treating yourself with it. 

All the tips mentioned above will help you get reasonable control over the use of social media. Still, you can do many other things to prevent excess use. You can always hop on getting a new hobby and taking some time out for it other than aimlessly scrolling social media. If only you learn how to control yourself, you will know how much you’re saving, which can be used for other productive purposes. 

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