Things That Scare People The Most

What are you scared of? It turns out that people are afraid of many things, which reflects in their behavior. Some things are scary enough to bring back the lost memories, while some make us wet our pants. Different people have different phobias, and it’s natural to act against them. People generally try to avoid the fears so that they don’t have to face them, but it only makes them weak and dim. Some people face them, but it depends on how they do it. It can result in both negative and positive. 

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Here Are Some Of The Fears That People Are Scared Of

Horror Movies

The catch is even if we are scared of horror movies, we still pay for money for them to watch. It is both an exciting and thrilling experience for us that we enjoy. People have mixed emotions by watching horror movies, and most of the time, we enjoy watching them. 


For some people, clowns may be creepy because of how they look. Although they make us laugh at times, when people appear indifferent costumes, they might seem scary and make the people uncomfortable.


Heights are something that generally people are afraid of. They have Acrophobia, which is an anxiety disorder caused by heights. 


Spiders are tiny, but they are scary. Any insect or mammal crawling up to your sleeves is creepy, and you tend to be scared even when they are harmless. 

Roller Coasters

Even though they are thrilling, we are always concerned about being safe. It’s a fight between mind and body to experience thrill and fear of death simultaneously. 

Public Speaking

This is a fear which is worldwide. We are always awkward when giving speeches or debates in an open forum. We are constantly looked upon by the audience of what we speak and judged later on. This stage fright is very common, and people refuse to do anything about it. 

Sudden noises or movements

When our body is at rest, and something suddenly happens, this can scare the shit out of people. You are engaged in something, and this sudden movement can sometimes cause panic attacks when people cannot deal with it. 


Not all people are very comfortable around blood. People don’t donate and feel dizzy when they see it. 


Darkness is something that makes you imagine absurd things and make your mind go into a stage that makes you feel uncomfortable. This fear usually starts in childhood when some of us are told stories about the ghosts that attack in the dark. 


People don’t want to die even when they know that one day they have to. We always watch out for things that might hurt our loved ones or us because we can’t face the fear of losing someone. The thing is, at some point in time, life ends, and you can’t do anything about it. So, enjoy the present and live the future. This way, you can be more lively and use this life for the better. 

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