Why Do I Have A Hard Time Making Friends?

Friends are a crucial part of life. Without them, our life can be tedious. It has the power to improve our moods and can even help reduce stress and depression. At some point in your life, everybody needs the help and support of friends; that's why having a bunch of good people in life is worth it.

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Why Do We Need New Friends?

Many people are good at socializing, interacting, and making friends, while some face difficulty. Inability to make new friends can have a negative impact on our happiness and quality of life, especially if we relocate to a new city or job where we cannot rely on old friendship dynamics. If you're having trouble making friends, there might be a few reasons for your inability to connect with others. To begin with, making new friends can be difficult; here are a few things you might be doing to sabotage your ability to meet new people:

Not able to present yourself

If you are thinking of building connections by talking about yourself, you're not likely to keep many excellent friends in your life. Examine your talking abilities, behavior, and how you present yourself to others. If everything is about you, take a step back and instead ask serious questions about your possible friends. People enjoy receiving positive attention, so make sure to inquire about them.

Introvert nature

Being introverted can make it difficult to form new acquaintances. It may take a little time for you to open up and be your actual self, which can be difficult in settings where you have a short period of time with someone, such as a party or any gathering. Introverted people should join up for activities or classes where they can see the same people every week. It can truly provide you with the opportunity to warm up.

"I like solitude."

Some people are like they don't have to go crazy and spend each waking second with their friends simply because you've scheduled one buddy date. Remember that building friend is a process that takes time. You get to choose the type of social life you want. It's a completely self-directed creative process, and with enough time and care, you may make as many or as few acquaintances as you desire.

Feeling of "It's creepy to initiate conversation."

Some people generally don't like to initiate conversation. The reason behind this is that they are encountered with second thoughts that it might be creepy for the person who is approached—having a fear of being judged stops such a person from starting a conversation with an unknown person. 

"I don't have time" type mentality.

When it comes to forming connections, the majority of people declare that they "simply don't have the time." If you ever find yourself thinking this way, you should keep in mind that socializing with friends makes us feel more energized and creative and that we should never consider it a time-consuming activity. If you're extremely busy, make it a goal to visit a friend or group of friends at least once a week.


So, if you are facing challenges in making a company, then it is advised to overcome such things. Building connection always helps, be it in professional or personal life. You need to initiate, you need to be a bit extroverted for this as well. 

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